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    Default Which Brand Chain On Bucket Forks?

    I just got my first compact tractor, a Mitsubishi 4201D that has a pin on loader bucket. I am not wanting to convert to a quick attack system so i need to get some bucket forks for temp/occasional use. I would like the chain on type but i do not know where to go to get a good set. GC manufacturing seems to be out of business. Anyone know of a good set to go with? Thanks

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    Default Re: Which Brand Chain On Bucket Forks?

    i`ve got these,
    Clamp on Loader Bucket Skid Tractor Pallet Fork Chain | eBay
    they seem ok for the odd jobs i`ve needed them for.

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    Default Re: Which Brand Chain On Bucket Forks?

    Good Morning,

    We have several different options regarding clamp on forks that you can take a look at
    Pallet Fork Attachments | Clamp on Pallet Forks |

    Visit us at or call (800) 605-8241 for your Pallet Forks, Clamp-on Forks, Grapples, Hay Handling Attachments, Quick Attach Adapters, Rubber Tracks, 3 Point Attachments and so much more!

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    Default Re: Which Brand Chain On Bucket Forks?

    You could always do something like this:

    I too was looking at pallet forks and already have a few different buckets for my specific tractor. I made the "quick attach" that didnt modify the bucket or tractor in any way and will end up buying a pallet fork setup for my specific loader and just use the quick attach to hook it up. It took some time to build but Im happy im rounding the final turn with it and so far it works great. I dont think th eclamp on forks are anything to be messing with unless your picking really really light stuff up. You start tipping that tractor and you're going to have a mess. Putting weight that far out of the bucket is one way that happens way too fast.

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