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    Default Hydraulic Posthole Digger on FEL for fencing building

    I would like some advice on the best way to set up a hydraulic posthole digger on a FEL. I want to dig holes for wooden fence posts of around 300 mm (1') diameter and for steel pipe of 150 mm (6") and dig holes 3 to 4 feet deep (900 mm to 1200 mm). I am thinking at the moment that I will be putting soil back around the wooden posts (for fences) and concrete around the steel pipe (posts for shed) and that I would need augers of 200 mm (8") and 400 mm (16") diameter. I still don't have a tractor yet but think I will get 100 hp (engine) with hydraulic flow capacity of 56 litres/minute (Deutz Agrofarm 420DT).

    Any comments on the type of digger, how to attach to FEL, whether I could also use on skid steer if I had one and experience using hydraulic diggers would be appreciated. In Australia my impression is that these diggers are much more common on skid steers than FEL and so might be cheaper to get second hand from those fitted to skid steers than on FELs. Therefore comments on how to adapt from skid steer mount to FEL would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Hydraulic Posthole Digger on FEL for fencing building

    I will say this. I have a 83hp tractor, about 11-12k lbs and I borrowed a SSQA combo post hole auger and pounder all in one. I don’t know exactly what that thing weighed, but it was entirely too much for my tractor to wield comfortably. The problem was the loader placed the weight so far in front of the front tires that I didn't have enough *** to keep the rear tires firmly planted on the ground. Granted I could move it around easily but I ended up sinking one of my front tires into the mud and almost rolled the tractor. ‘Nuff said, she went back home. My FIL used it extensively on a skid steer and never had a bit of trouble with it on the hills or anything. Now before I get asked, the tires are loaded with beet juice. The only thing I had for a counter weight at the time was a 10ft brush hog, and that isn't very maneuverable when you’re trying to put posts in the ground.

    Now we currently use a SSQA post hole auger that runs off of the rear remotes on the 83hp tractor without a problem. It is very difficult to see where you are drilling and it it almost definately a two man operation, where a skid steer you can see very easily. The pounder is mounted on a three point and uses the tractor hydraulics as well and works just fine, IMO, thats the slickest set-up. I have never backfilled the dirt around a post so I dont know how well that will work, but the concrete will work just dandy.
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    Check out my set up, there are a couple decent pictures in my board fence building thread, which is listed in my signature below.

    EDIT... Here is the picture I was speaking of tractor with auger and post driver
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    Danuser makes an excellent hydraulic FEL SSQA mount post hole digger offset to the side so you can see it beside the tractor hood. You have to ask for the offset mount I would get larger auger bits since the holes don't always go straight down and you also need room around the post to get the dirt/concrete back in and tamped effectively.

    I don't know if they sell down under, but is a great place to buy in the US
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