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    Default Bucket attachments for FEL

    I am buying a tractor (90-100 hp probably Deutz Agrofarm 420DT) with FEL and I would like some advice on the best attachments that I can get for my money. The FEL comes with a standard utility bucket and I am thinking I will want a 4-1 bucket.

    I have never had a FEL but anticipate using it to:
    - load gravel, sand, soil
    - level sites for water tanks and landscaping in our garden
    - lifting things eg. pull out old fence posts, heavy implements, fence posts and long pipes into holes when I want to extend machinery shed, beams, rafters etc.
    - carrying things such as logs, posts, soil (short distances)

    It sounds like 4-1 bucket will do most of what I want and maybe a grapple attachment. Would it be useful to keep the standard utility bucket and add a grapple using the 3rd hydraulic service on the FEL (which is also used to run the 4-1 bucket)? I have seen a standard bucket that has plates that are bolted on each end that can be taken off to allow logs to sit in the bucket (protruding out each end) and I imagine adding a grapple would allow logs to be carried in the bucket more securely than "clamping" with 4-1 bucket.

    Also more generally are there times when it is better to use utility bucket than 4-1 bucket?

    I am also interested in if I can use buckets that fit skid steers on FEL. I am interested because there are a lot more second hand buckets on the market for skid steers than for FELs. The loader I am considering is CRX 360 Plus loader.


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    Default Re: Bucket attachments for FEL

    The question is ...can you get a quick attach for your tractor...this allows attachment of any skid steer implement to the FEL...bucket, grapple, hay spike, rock bucket, hydraulic post hole driller, etc....

    Some brands offer this attachment, others don't. kubota does. I don't know about the Deutz...

    I find a tooth bar and chain hooks on a FEL to be extremely handy and well worth their cost.

    I think you will like a spinner on the steering wheel also.

    I don't have a 4-in-one, so no actual experience. However, if you have a regular bucket, toothbar, and a grapple, I wonder if you really need a 4-in-1? Forward visibility is always important and I would think it is more restricted with a 4 in one than a regular bucket. I'd see both mounted on the tractor and consider this while sitting in the seat.
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