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    Default Tooth we need another tooth bar thread

    OK OK I know there have been a gazillion tooth bars threads, but one more can't hurt.

    I installed one on my last tractor, so I have experience using one and installing one, and yes, they are a great addition at a relatively small price. The one I previously bought was from the outfit in NC that is now Gator Attachments. I can't even remember the name prior to it becoming Gator. It was a good product and easy to install. Now I need another one for my current tractor.

    So here's my question. Let me first say that I don't want to get into a lot of company bashing here, but I do recall a thread that was pretty critical of the Gator folks once they took over. Is that still the consensus? What brands are good both in quality and value? I figure you guys can save me a bunch of research time by letting me know your preferences.

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    Default Re: Tooth we need another tooth bar thread

    The final decision will be yours. I bought a tooth bar about 1 1/2 years ago from this Company. It has served me well. W.R.Long the 4N1 Bucket People
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    Default Re: Tooth we need another tooth bar thread

    Like everything else, you'll get 11 different opinions from 10 different people. Then you will have to research to see which opinion is best. You can't win...
    - Dennis

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    Default Re: Tooth we need another tooth bar thread

    I bought from Long.

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    Default Re: Tooth we need another tooth bar thread

    Gator was Markham Welding. Lots of bad press a while ago, but I have not heard them even mentioned recently. The WR Long one is nice, Iowa Farm Equipment sells them online or a local dealer should be able to get you one.

    The new one from BXpanded looks very cool also, I would seriously consider that if I was in the market: BXpanded Piranha Tooth Bar


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    Default Re: Tooth we need another tooth bar thread

    I bought one just last week from Iowa Farm Equipment. It came from a TISCO warehouse in Nashville Tennessee. Just give them your measurement and they most likely have one in a box on the shelf waiting for your order. That is the way it worked for me. It is 57 pounds, 6 teeth, 52.5 inch long for $325 and free shipping. It's heavy enough I'll never wear it out!

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    Default Re: Tooth we need another tooth bar thread

    I went with weld on teeth and have never regretted it once.
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    Default Re: Tooth we need another tooth bar thread

    I bought a WR Long flat bar thru Iowa Farm a couple years ago. The rugged teeth and flat underside bar worked great for digging in piles of dirt with small and large rocks as well as back dragging. I sold it with the last tractor. For my new tractor I'm considering the Piranha bar because there are no more piles of rock/dirt to move and the serrated blade would be more applicable to the roots/vines/turf in dirt now involved. The teeth on the Long bar were handy for attaching chain for lifting things, but now I have hooks bolted to the bucket that should be adequate.
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    Default Re: Tooth we need another tooth bar thread

    My tooth bar came Iowa Farm about 4 years ago. The tooth bar is for my 72" kubota buccket and is rock solid. The one I got is not the flat bottom type. The tooth bar strenthens the bucket cutting edge.

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    Default Re: Tooth we need another tooth bar thread

    A toothbar is a hunk of metal that reinforces the cutting edge and has teeth that are removable (some are welded) hard can it be....choose size to match FEL, then look at weight and price. Nobody can tell if the welds will hold until years of use. I've actually never seen a toothbar failure report on TBN.

    My toothbar weighs 130 lbs. It is a John Deere.
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