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    Default Trim all for high level pruning.


    Been wanting to buy this puppy, to save me using a chainsaw up a ladder!!!
    Anybody seen/used one?
    I think the basic model is around $2k.

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    Default Re: Trim all for high level pruning.

    I'd never heard of that one before. It looks like it would be really handy for clearing overhanging branches on field edges and along woods trails. A lot of CUTs would have trouble providing the auxiliary hydraulics for anything more than the tractor model 1...relatively few would have enough outlets to power the saw and control the swing and rotate functions on the model 3 (unless the Trimall comes with some sort of hydraulic splitter valve and control set).

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    Default Re: Trim all for high level pruning.


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    Default Re: Trim all for high level pruning.

    what do you plan to mount it on?

    personally id go for a 16' reach powered pole saw. about a 3rd the price and can get to locations with it that the tractor mounted version cant.

    need another 8' of reach, get a set of pallet forks and build a man basket for the them and have a helper drive you around with it.
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