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    Default extra lights on ROPS for Kubota

    I have a question about installing extra lights onto a kubota L3240 tractor with Rops and the fiberglass shade roof installed. I want to install an extra set of lights on top of the roof facing forward and backward for extra visibility when using the front-end loader as well as the rear facing snowblower in the winter. I am considering getting one of these 120 W LED lightbars. One would be facing forward and attached to the top of the roof which is attached to be Rops. The rear lightbar would be attached directly to the ROPS. Each lightbar requires 120 W and I'm thinking of placing the switches somewhere on the ROPS as it would be the easiest I figure. How would one go about wiring up the lights, is there any sort of wiring so I don't need to connect correctly to the battery. I also want to wiring to have short circuit protection. Also does anybody have any experience with these types of lightbar's purchased on eBay for around $150 each. These bars would end up costing me about $300 plus the relays. The roof does shake quite a bit but I don't see any other better spots to attach to. Attaching it to the ROPS facing forward with give me a lot of glare from the top of the roof back at me. I need to have it high enough to be able to reach over the front-end loader and forks when I use those. The tractor headlights simply bounce back at me when I tried to use some of the front-end loader.

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    Default Re: extra lights on ROPS for Kubota

    Many post over the years on this subject..try search,set back read enjoy.

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    Default Re: extra lights on ROPS for Kubota

    Lights are of the type


    link above.

    Yes I have read many posts but most are for smaller older kubota tractors.

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