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    Default PTO Snowblower Question

    I have a 1961 B414 Tractor. It has been a great tractor for the 4 acres we have for multi use. I recently bought a used snow blower for the back as we have about 300 feet of driveway to clear. The snowblower I bought was a 5 foot McKee snowlan. I bought it in the fall when there was no snow. I tried the auger and it seemed good as it spun very easy by hand and everything seemed good. The first time I used it , it appeared to run slow as far as rpm's, but was tossing the snow about 3 feet until the chain came off the rear auger, the inside "thrower was still spining. It has been unhooked for now and I am back to the old manual rear blade.

    My questions are, know matter was rpm I seem to operate it, it doesn't appear to spin very quick and it doesn't seem to throw the snow like some of the units I have observed. Is this normal? Are there any parts available as the hand crank rear chute assembly was missing and the chute is free to spin by hand but it is bolted in place for one direcion, I have since removed the bolt so I can turn the chute by hand, but never really got to try it as the chain came off before I got to the end of the driveway.

    Any tips on how to use this effectively?

    I appriciate any help with this as I am new to the snowblower on a tractor use.

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    Default Re: PTO Snowblower Question

    The blower needs to be operated @ pretty much full throttle (in the 540 PTO setting) to be blowing snow. Some snow does not blow very far -- other stuff seems to go a mile including in directions you do not want If the chain is coming off, check for a guard on it and that the tensioner works -- it usually takes a lot for them to come off
    The chute assembly hand crank can be easily fabricated from steelrod and flat if you look at others or cannot find original parts -- mine had been "reformulated" by previous owners but is now back to normal

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    Default Re: PTO Snowblower Question

    First the bad news, I'm not positive but I think that McKee is out of business. The good news is that snowblowers are pretty simple and other than the gear box, most parts are either steel fabrications or off the shelf components. As for operation, run the tractor at full PTO speed to get the impeller to throw the snow as far as it can. As the gap between the housing and the blades increase due to wear, the blower wont throw the snow as far.

    For rotating the chute, I'd make a crank out of pipe and wrap 1/8" steel cable around the chute and crank to rotate the chute manually.

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    Default Re: PTO Snowblower Question

    I have a 48" blower on the back of my B7100 kubota that was made by Mckee for Kubota. My tractor has a 3 speed PTO. If I run the tractor at 3/4 throttle with the PTO on low speed (514 rpm) it will throw snow around 15 - 20 feet. If I run the pto in second speed (786 rpm) I can blow snow 40 - 50 feet. You need to keep pto rpm up high or you will not get acceptable results.

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