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    Default Anyone have a Jinma chipper?

    Like it says.

    I need a chipper and their prices seem low.
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    Default Re: Anyone have a Jinma chipper?

    I have one, very well built.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Anyone have a Jinma chipper?-chipper-1-jpg  

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    Default Re: Anyone have a Jinma chipper?

    I have one.

    Straight branches, it chips like nobody's business. I've fed in logs as big as will fit, and as long as the tractor has the power it will handle them.

    Branches that aren't straight, like fruit trees, take a fair bit of handling to feed and may require cutting up before feeding. Vines and the like can jam it. It does require regular greasing and sharpening, which I think would get old if you used it every day.

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    Default Re: Anyone have a Jinma chipper?

    ive had one for over 5 seasons... has worked flawless. i chip up to 4", but it can handle up to 6". anything over 4" i burn.

    mine has been worth every penny.
    currently own
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    Default Re: Anyone have a Jinma chipper?

    I have one -- at least it looks exactly the same as the pic. (Got it for $1800.) Works great. Loaned it to my dad a few times and he had no complaints either. Turns out I don't use it much and just yesterday told my wife I was thinking of selling it. Anyone in Southern Oregon, Nor Cal, Washington interested? We like making burn piles instead.
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    Bought a used one off CL that had been fairly well abused. New knives and a feed roller grease and 80/90 and have not had an issue. As stated earlier strait branches work best. I will trim all mine down before feeding

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    Default Re: Anyone have a Jinma chipper?

    I have an older one or maybe a copy no brand on it I have had issues with the feed roll drive The driveshaft to the feed roll is a latter model now with proper universals after breaking two of the earlier type also I dimpled the square drives that the drive shaft fits onto either end and fitted grub screws to stop the shaft dropping off when the roller drops down still under load. I have also learned to keep an eye on the vee belt tension to the feed gearbox the spring on the driveshaft tends to tighten the belt. A bad thing the belt needs to be loose enough to act as a slip clutch should something jamb up much better to burn a vee belt than force a 4 inch log where it don’t want to go. With those mods it runs sweet and has chipped a lot of wood.

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    Default Re: Anyone have a Jinma chipper?

    We have had one for about 6 years. No complaints.

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    Default Re: Anyone have a Jinma chipper?

    I've had one for a number of years. Have had no problems with it using for occasional chipping cleanup around the house. I usually don't chip anything much bigger then about 4 inches and it handles this no problem on the back of my 40 HP Kioti. One mod I did do to it was to add heavier springs to the feed roller to get it to feed a little better.
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    Default Re: Anyone have a Jinma chipper?

    Quote Originally Posted by JohninCT View Post
    One mod I did do to it was to add heavier springs to the feed roller to get it to feed a little better.
    It also helps to "sharpen" the feed roller teeth occasionally. More grip = less slip

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