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    Default Help me choose a rear blade.

    Looking for a 72" rear blade with offset for my MF1532. Plan on putting my own hydraulic cylinder & mounts on it. Have narrowed it down to the Land Pride RB3672

    or the Rhino 500

    RHINO | Blades | Utility Rear Blades

    Both dealerships are 40 miles away and pricing is with-in a few dollars. Has any one welded on either companies product and care to comment on the quality of the of the steel? Any input would be appreciated. Steve

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    Default Re: Help me choose a rear blade.

    I would go with the Land Pride unit. It is a lot heavier than the Rhino blade. I have a couple of Land Pride implements and they are excellent quality products. When you get your hydraulic, be sure to lay stuff out before you order your cylinder. You will also find that all of the manufacturers use 3 1/2" or bigger hydraulics for their angle and offset cylinders. I would get a 3 1/2" dia with a minimum of a 1 1/2" dia rod. Better safe than sorry.

    Here's a picture of my rear blade.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Help me choose a rear blade.-img_0181-jpg  
    Top and Tilt Kits by Fit Rite Hydraulics

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    Default Re: Help me choose a rear blade.

    Out of those 2 I would go with the Land Pride. Have you considered a Woods HBL or a Monroe Tufline GB4, I like the looks of them better. Both of these blades are ready for cylinder for offset. I have Woods HBL-84 (got a bigger tractor) that I use now and a Tufline GB4-72 forsale. The Tufline has some better features than the Woods. It has a square park stand which is heavier duty than the Woods round one and you don't have to turn it to get the holes in alignment. They are both Cat 1 and Cat 2. The Tufline uses pins that are cat 1 and cat 2. The Wood has Cat 1 pins all the way through and a bushing for the cat 2. The Tufline has 2 pieces of angle on the back of the moldboard and the Woods has 1. The Woods is quick hitch compatible and the Tufline is not, the toplink spacing is wrong.

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    Default Re: Help me choose a rear blade.

    Wish you were closer. I have been looking for a heavy RB.

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    Default Re: Help me choose a rear blade.

    Take a look the Bison back blades, especially at the HD units with hydraulics.


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