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    Default John Deere plow

    I just discovered this website and thought someone might be able to provide an answer for me. When I was in high school in west TX we had both a John Deere 720 Diesel & 730 Diesel w/ wide front tires. We also pulled a John Deere disk plow which we always referred to as a "breaking plow". The plow came in vrs models depending upon how many disks were desired. Each gang of disks had 5 disks and I think each disk must have been around 18" to 24'' in diameter. It had a hydraulic cylinder to raise & lower the disks as well to set depth. The rear tire (pneumatic) was for transport only and had a hand crank to raise/lower the steel, weighted wheel when plowing. The one we had had four gangs of five disks each or a total of 20 disks. In the tight soil in our area we had to pull the plow in second gear for first time plowing, but on second or third plowings we could pull it in third gear and on occasion if just cleaning up the top inch or two to rid of small weeds before sowing, we could go in 4th gear. If not plowing too deep on a second or third time we could cut 16 feet with the plow, but on first plowing we probably only cut 14-15 feet. Anyway, I do not remember what John Deere's name or model was for this plow. Just wondering if anyone might have the correct data.



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    Default Re: John Deere plow


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    Default Re: John Deere plow

    Welcome from Oklahoma. Can't help you, but if you were to post this in the Attachments and/or one of the John Deere sections I bet more people would see it and may be able to answer your question.

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    Welcome to TBN

    I moved your thread to the Attachments forum.
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