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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1369 View Post
    what would be better for clearing 8' rows. They both look easy to use, which one beats the tractor up less.
    You probably will not find a hydraulic drive 8' mower. With hydro drive up front you obviously cut the material before you run over it. You mentioned only cutting grass so you'd have no problems with a 8' PTO mower.

    With a rear mower I mow anything the front axle/bucket will push over.

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    Default Re: Brush mower... PTO vs Universal quick connect

    Personally, I'd go 7 or 8' 3 pt PTO.
    Plenty of power to cut the big stuff, and will do decent on shorter stuff. It's not a grooming mower, so if you want it to look like the lawn, it ain't going to happen.
    I use mine (Woods 7' PTO, 3 pt mount) to mow up to 3 feet tall grass, and to mow waterways down to about 3inches tall.
    If I don't let it get too big (less than 12"), does a nice job. Just not a lawn mower. It will bunch up in the really tall, thick, heavy stuff, but that's to be expected.
    Plus I think it would be hard doing a level job with FEL mount.
    my 2 cents, again

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    Default Re: Brush mower... PTO vs Universal quick connect

    I've taken everyone's $0.02 and will go with the pto set up.
    Thanks to everyone that through out some input.

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