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    Default Reverse feature a big deal for $500 more?

    going to buy a Land Pride 42" tiller __ forward only Reverse style is 500 more. i am in 16 hp range and have heard its best to stick with forward type>
    ------- could not get used one this is 1,500 new thanks

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    Default Re: Reverse feature a big deal for $500 more?

    not much help, beyound having a walk behind tiller, it is nice to have forward spinning tines, so the machine kinda pulls itself along vs having to actuall push it along.

    if you had a walk behind tiller that was self propelled. then a reverse spinning tines, can help lift dirt that was just cut up into the air, and allow the dirt and chunks and clods go through the tines perhaps a little longer before falling back down and coming out the back of the machine.

    or am i getting the direction of rotation mixed up?

    forward spin, the blades cut directly into new ground spin downwards, and dirt goes out the back.

    reverse spin, the blades goes through dirt already cut, then down into the ground, then up in front, and then brings dirt up and then back down, on the back side of the tiller and the dirt goes out rear end.

    *looks confused* suggest waiting for other replies.

    you noted 16HP, are you looking at gas engine on the tiller, or are you looking at connecting tiller to a PTO shaft on rear end of tractor? if hooking to 3pt hitch and running off of PTO. how many HP (horse power) does the PTO have? (there is difference between tractor engine HP, and HP for the PTO)

    also if hooking up to tractor, how wide is the rear end of tractor, and will tiller/s looking at cover rear width of tires?

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    Default Re: Reverse feature a big deal for $500 more?

    reverse tine takes a lot of hp and

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    Default Re: Reverse feature a big deal for $500 more?

    Quote Originally Posted by murphy1244 View Post
    reverse tine takes a lot of hp and
    I agree that you're tractor will be happier with a forward rotation tiller. We have a few that will match your tractor great and save you $$$ compared to a LP. Check out the 48" King Kutter XB tiller, the 40" Phoenix and the 48" Phoenix on our website and you'll find that they provide you much more for your money when compared to a Land Pride. All of our tillers ship free to a commercial business or you can pick one up at the freight terminal in Houston for no charge.
    Ted Corriher

    A family-owned American Company that also sells quality Made in USA Implements every chance we get! We pride ourselves on giving good product information and putting the needs of our customers above our own!

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