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    Default More Oliver 3 bottom plow adventures

    Well I've been playing with the plow on and off for a few days when I have time and it's not bitterly cold. I am having a problem with the left bottoms not pulling true behind the tractor and I am having to steer into the furrow wall to keep the plow from pulling the tractor off track. The right bottoms pull beautifully. The problem is the fact that the landslides are worn out and the left one is actually bent. I was able to get new landslides, left and right and front and rears with wear pads and new heels just 30 miles from my home. A farmers coop ordered parts for another customers plow and the got the wrong stuff. Turns out the incorrect order was the perfect stuff for my plow and I just happened to stumble on to the parts while I was looking for something else.
    I guess this weekend will be spent putting on new parts.
    Now all I need are new shins and shares and I will be good to go.
    KK 72" tiller Rears SPF 72 inch Flail, FL960 knives, Cammond BS72E 6 foot BB,
    HF Quick hitch, Bush Hog 1812 rotary cutter
    assorted two and 4 row diamond bar equipment, all junky.
    Load Max 32 ft x 102 inch triple axle goose neck carhauler
    Maxey 14000# 16'x83" GN dump trailer
    Oliver 6241 3 bottom rollover moldboard plow
    A plowing video here.
    I like straight furrows
    1960 model 102 Ford 14 inch two bottom rollover plow on my little L3240

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    Default Re: More Oliver 3 bottom plow adventures

    With luck like that you should buy a lottery ticket.
    That's the problem with trouble.
    It always starts out as such fun."
    - Randall Brown

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    Default Re: More Oliver 3 bottom plow adventures

    SHOW ME THE FURROW before you count your chickens.

    Good Luck.


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