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    Default Re: DUO Chains - planned modifications

    Ayup that's a pretty narly set o-chains you have there. ougth to go most any place you want any time you want.
    One thing I've asked myself when I was way down in the lower woods is; If I get myself stuck out here with these chains on who am I going to get and with what machine to get me out? All the possible answers start with big $$$

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    Default Re: DUO Chains - planned modifications

    Since modifying my DUO's two years ago, I wanted a better solution to using a single chain to fill the end gap seen on the right tire of this photo:

    DUO Chains - planned modifications-20130225_duo_chains_modified_2-jpg

    The single chain worked, but after much use the patterns can shift as shown here:

    DUO Chains - planned modifications-r20150216_duo_gap-jpg

    I ordered a couple more DUO patterns and 10mm link couplers to rework the end gap as shown here:

    DUO Chains - planned modifications-r20150216_duo_filled_1-jpg DUO Chains - planned modifications-r20150216_duo_filled_2-jpg

    I have not used the chains but I think it will stop the shifting around the end gaps.

    Purchasing the pin couplers was interesting. quoted $15.00 and $16.00 EACH (including delivery), for 8mm(which I will use for some smaller chains) and 10mm couplers. I got them from a local shop (Western Equipment, Vernon) for $2.78 and $4.92 each.

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