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    Default Wally bxm 32 v. 42?

    Granted the JD870 pto hp of 25 falls 5 hp short of the recommended specs, yet after reviewing an extensive search it seems that the additional attributes of throat size and the like, make it a worthwhile consideration. In addition, to using precautions such as green wood, and keeping the branch limited, are there any other concerns I should be aware of in choosing the larger unit?

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    Default Re: Wally bxm 32 v. 42?

    Guys run the BX42 on a BX with 17.7 PTOHP. wallenstein bx 42 chipper on kubota BX 24 - YouTube

    Here is a thread you want to read.

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    Default Re: Wally bxm 32 v. 42?

    I run a Bearcat 4.5" chipper on a JD870 with no issue. You can lug it down if you put a long solid log in it, but just back off for a minute and it's fine. Most of the time anything that's suitable for chipping works fine:

    Wally bxm 32 v. 42?-chipping-jpg Wally bxm 32 v. 42?-chipping2-jpg


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