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    Default Re: John Deere LX5 rotary cutter squealing


    Use anti seize grease on the out put shaft for the stump jumper, than torgue the nut up to specs and insert cotter pin. The anti seize grease will make it easier to remove the stump jumper if it has to be removed.


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    Default Re: John Deere LX5 rotary cutter squealing

    Quote Originally Posted by jrlogan View Post
    Rich. I can be pretty stubborn myself, so I get it. But my stubbornness is directed at rebelling against John Deere and their ridiculous prices. If I stick with this gear box by rebuilding it, then I have to deal with it again next time I have problems. Turns out I found a replacement gear box on ebay for $175 delivered. I think the design of the JD is actually inferior, as the new one is a more standard type box with a nut and cotter pin holding the blade holder rather than the silly bolt that I had so much trouble with above. Plus, though I haven't rebuilt one of these gearboxes before, looking at this one, I think it would be quite a chore. I have the gear box removed, but not apart. I think the bearings are pressed in place, and I would have to remove the input shaft to get the output shaft and bearings out. The $200 assumes that I don't break anything taking it apart, which I'm not at all confident of being able to do.

    Lol, I hear ya ! Besides, now you've got it down to $175, which beats $200, all without the rebuild...sounds like you've bout got 'er done...


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