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    Default Hydraulic Snow blower....Practical ?

    I have a kubota 4330 tractor,43 horse.Close to buying a snow blower ( Tired of using the bucket ). This is a large compact and I am thinking of putting a hydraulic blower on the front is it worth the bother or should I just go with a rear mounted ? Oh...any suggestions on a good solid brand name and model ? Thank you very much...Am new to the site.

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    Default Re: Hydraulic Snow blower....Practical ?

    Welcome to tbn, how much gpm do you have.?

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    Default Re: Hydraulic Snow blower....Practical ?

    Your tractor is only rated 9.4 GPM and hydraulic blowers require more than that. They are also pricey. I had researched some a few years agao because I wanted to do the same thing on my L39. I ended up buying a rear mount PTO driven blower.
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    Default Re: Hydraulic Snow blower....Practical ?

    Sit down, price the front hydraulic, then price the rear PTO. Then let us know what you choose

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    Default Re: Hydraulic Snow blower....Practical ?

    Does you tractor have a mid pto, if so go with a kubota front mount snow blower, if not go with the erskine front mount rear pto drive. I thing these options are a lot cheaper then hydraulic front mount snow blower with a lot less future problems??

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    Default Re: Hydraulic Snow blower....Practical ?

    I have a hydraulic loader mounted blower on my 45 HP tractor. I HAD to also install a rear mounted hydraulic power plant to support the blower. The rear hyd pump supplies 15 GPM at 3,000 psi and is independent of the tractors hydraulics.

    I paid about $10,000 for my setup. Before i purchased it, i checked out some top line rear snowblowers that were in the 4,000- $5,000 range. so this was 2x the price ...or a bit more

    that being said...i am SOOOO glad i bought it. My neck thanks me every time i use it. After 14 years of using an open cab and rear blower, my neck just couldnt take another season. Now with a heated cab and loader mounted blower, im in pig heaven.

    After a few adjustments upon initial usage, it's working fine. Very powerful and can even throw wet snow a considerable distance. The ability to raise the blower up over 6' in the air allows me into tight corners, and allows me to clear the piles of snow that come off the barn roof.
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    Default Re: Hydraulic Snow blower....Practical ?

    Depends on your wallet and the amount of aggravation and time used
    in snow casting you want to deal with.

    The more bells and whistles whistles you buy with the initial purchase
    being the rotating drum, hydraulic chute rotation, hydraulic spout control, hardened scraper edge option, will make your snow clearer more efficient. It will cost you less money over the long haul making it more productive in heavy snows where the rotating drum will increase the amount of snow it can remove where in the snow clearer will not plug up from wet snow and and it will also take less time
    to remove said snows.

    If it were me; I would drive down the throughway a bit and
    chat with Art White about a Pronovost P-860 TRC model
    with the rotating impeller drum and it will cost you less money.

    I can also provide you with the name of a Canadian supplier of Pronovost PTO and hydraulic drive snow casters and
    SHoule snow casters who ships directly from Canada.

    Look up koopsters posts and videos here about his
    Pronovost TRC snow caster and you will see how
    happy he is with it.
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    Default Re: Hydraulic Snow blower....Practical ?

    You could go with one these. They also make one that attaches to the loader and runs off the mid pto. It has braces to limit how high you can lift the loader.

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    Default Re: Hydraulic Snow blower....Practical ?

    hydraulics are more expensive but they are less maintenance and break less because of the bypass when you hit something or try to over hp it. If it were me I would look at a front mount pto driven unit if it was my primary use in the wintertime for the tractor. Otherwise there is nothing wrong with a hydraulic driven blower on a tractor with some HP. CJ
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