Previous to posting this I searched the attachment archives and found no hits for Van Wamel flail mowers. I'm guessing that I missed a few posts somewhere on this forum site. At the moment I'm looking at narrow flail mowers for vineyard use that can be mounted to a front pto/3 pt hitch like the one shown here ....Perfect universal front and rear mounted Flail pruning Chopper, series BGM and BKM . Since the manufacturer website has little specifications info I have contacted a NY dealer who is sending me brochures with specifications and pricing. Are there any TBNers with a Van Wamel flail mowers(Perfect W)? If so what do you think of the build quality and longevity? Any maintenance/servicing issues and/or parts availability? The following link is a nice company video on the Van Wamel manufacturing process.....Van Wamel B.V. Our company 2012.wmv - YouTube ......... Gary