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    Default Newbie Question -- Are PTO impliments universal?

    I apologize in advance for what I am sure is a ridiculous question but, are PTO driven implements universal?

    I have a B7100 HST kubota that I use mostly to push horse manure from one spot to another, and mow down wayward blackberry bushes, but I am in need of a post hole digger and would love to use my tractor if at all possible.

    I see exactly what I think I need on my local CraigsList, but I don't know what to look for or how to make sure it will work with my tractor. I assume that I can use implements not made by Kubota, but will they all work? Is it really as simple as finding one I like in my price range or are there different categories/classifications or something or other that I need to ask to make sure the diggers drive shaft thingy will work with my PTO and 3-point hitch? Should I disconnect the one from my brush hog and bring it along to make sure they connect the same or is that dumb because they're all universal?

    Sorry again in advance, my Camp Fire Girls troop didn't teach tractors, at least not in my group.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Newbie Question -- Are PTO impliments universal?

    Yes they are universal. A long at it is the proper class size (pin size, cat 0, 1,2,3) Your tractor is most likely cat 1. Just make sure your tractor is the right size for it.

    With the post hole augers you need to be sure your tractor has the lift height to raise the auger up and out of the ground.

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    Default Re: Newbie Question -- Are PTO impliments universal?

    Implements made for cat1 will fit on your cat 1 tractor, but you are correct in being cautious.. And a lot of post hole diggers you would find that may be made for cat 1 hitches may be too large to fit your smaller tractor. All PTO shafts will NOT fit. PTO shafts need to be sized length wise. They may be a 6 spline 1 3/8 in size but for example the pto shaft that was cut and fit perfectly on my B7500 (about the size of your tractor, maybe just a hair bigger), was marginal on my L3400 (much larger tractor) and was unsafe on my Kiotie DK35se, and I had to buy a longer one. Also take into consideration the weight and size of implements. They must be sized to the tractor. My tractor will pick up considerably more than twice what your tractor will pick up on the 3pt. Does it make sense I might be able to use larger Implements from a weight standpoint alone. Then there is the amount of horsepower available at the PTO shaft to take into consideration. My tractor has over twice what your tractor does.. Now both tractors utilize CAT 1 implements. So Yes you must be cautious and do your research. Also many dealers and advertisers here will be happy to help size implements for your tractor.

    James K0UA
    James K0UA

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    Default Re: Newbie Question -- Are PTO impliments universal?

    There are also clockwise and counter clockwise rotation implements. Clockwise rotation implements are more popular.

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    Default Re: Newbie Question -- Are PTO impliments universal?

    The ubiquitous three-point hitch was invented by the Anglo-Irishman Harry Ferguson in the mid-1920's. It took off in USA when Henry Ford agreed to standardize Ferguson's design, including PTO arrangement, on the second generation of Ford tractors. However, Feruson's 3-Pt hitch was not adopted by last hold-out manufacturer until early 1960's (?).

    Every once in awhile on TBN an implement buyer will complain about an implement being of poor quality and not functioning properly on their tractor. When pictures and measurements are eventually published its an old tractor and hitch is identified as 3-Pt. jumble from pre-standard Ferguson era.

    I am sure such infrequent complaints make implement producers crazy.

    (First generation of Ford tractors, 1917-1920, was the Fordson, a kit which greatly modified a Ford car to work as a tractor.)

    PTO was invented immediately after WWI in France.

    ( Ferguson's biography, HARRY FERGUSON INVENTOR AND PIONEER by Colin Frazer, is out-of-print but usually available on eBay. Free Harry Ferguson info from Wickiepedia. )
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    Default Re: Newbie Question -- Are PTO impliments universal?

    Here's one of our "classic" videos by Ted(from a few years back) that will explain some differences in tractor hitch sizes. This video is aimed toward Leinbach post hole digger sizing. We do not offer the Leinbach anymore because of availability but we do have even nicer EA Post Hole Diggers, made by us right here in NC, that ship free to your home within 1,000 miles of Newton, NC(except for the Cat 2 model).

    Ted Corriher

    A family-owned American Company that also sells quality Made in USA Implements every chance we get! We pride ourselves on giving good product information and putting the needs of our customers above our own!

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