This is my first post since purchasing my first tractor a little over a month ago (and I got a lot of help through this site and its members...I thank you very much).

I got a 90s B2150 and have been very pleased with it - there are a few minor issues, main one being an small oil leak, but that is for another post sometime in the future as I am pretty sure it is more of an annoyance than an issue that will cause bigger problems.

This weekend I picked up an old backhoe for a really good price (like the price I could probably scrap it out for). The major things to contend with are the lack of bucket and parts of the outriggers are missing. It is a Brantly 330 MT. I have found similar looking BH on this site, but I cannot find anything on the model 330 MT. I am pretty sure it is the same thing as what was sold for kubota B7100 and B6000 (629 and 619). Mine looks just like the one in this picture, including the outriggers that go straight out at an angle vs articulating.

Backhoe help - need parts and/or help with measurements-capture-png

Here is a picture that is just like mine (except for the outriggers)

Backhoe help - need parts and/or help with measurements-t2ec16dhjgie9nnwrdrqbqyrll046w-60_57-jpg

This is the project/headache I just bought.

Backhoe help - need parts and/or help with measurements-photo-1-jpg

The next picture shows the end of the dipper, with a distance of 6.5" between the two pins labelled. Not sure of the name, but the holes for pins where the bucket attaches are both 1" diameter and widths are as follows...the one on the left (not fixed), is only 1" wide (but as you can see from the picture of the green BH above, there were spacers installed to bring it to the same width as the fixed hole/pin. The one on the right is 5" wide. I really need to have some measurements for the bucket so I can fab a bucket (as I highly doubt I will find a bucket). I assume the most important measurement would be the distance between the two 1" holes on the bucket (I assume they are the same distance of 6.5" in order to form a parallelogram, but I would hate to assume something so important) - the more measurements the merrier.

Backhoe help - need parts and/or help with measurements-photo-2-jpg

This last picture shows the missing outriggers...not as big of deal, but I would love measurements (especially for the distance between where the cylinder attaches to the stabilizer plate and the square tubing that slides up into the larger square tubing pictured - wow, that is wordy).

Backhoe help - need parts and/or help with measurements-photo-3-jpg

Any help would be appreciated, and I thank you in advance...oh yeah, I will need to post for hydraulics later, but I could use a PTO pump too