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    Default Shredder drive shaft stuck

    Hi, guys! I tried to hook up the ol' shredder today and couldn't get the telescoping drive shaft to slide easily. It's been off the tractor for about four months, so I thought it might have just been sticky. Well, I couldn't budge it. So, I took the whole plastic drive shaft guard off and disassembled the shaft and guard, cleaned them, and then greased them all up. Good to go, right? Nope. The shaft slides on smoothly for about 2-3 inches then stops. No go. I'm worried that maybe the shaft is bent. Though I have experience in breaking stuff, I really don't think I did anything to the shaft (well, besides drop it a couple of times while cleaning it, I guess... is that enough to bend this thing? Is it that fragile?) The shredder is a Howse 6' shredder that has been treated reasonably well since I bought it about 5 years ago. The wife wants the grass cut. Open to ideas here. What are my options? Thanks!!!!

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    Default Re: Shredder drive shaft stuck

    Have you tried laying a straight edge on the halves to see if they are bent?

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    Default Re: Shredder drive shaft stuck

    It doesn't take much bow to ruin a sliding drive shaft. However, before you buy a new one, use a good penetrating oil and keep working at doesn't take much rust to bind the drive shaft up either.
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