Finally looks like might be getting some big equipment on the old 150 acres.

For several weeks wife and I have been negotiating on a kubota M7040 - expect to close the deal later today. We're planning to bundle several items together. We expect to get a canopy and hi-capacity fork lift attachment and two attachments for the bucket: EZ Heavy Duty Tooth Bar and EZ Wear Bar.

Question: anybody have thoughts on whether the EZ Heavy Duty Tooth Bar and EZ Wear Bar would bolt cleanly into the same holes on the bucket (that is after the dealer drills/burns them in)? So, if the dealer gets the bars separately any idea if they would naturally mount perfectly into the same holes in the sides of the bucket, or should I specify to order them both at the same time with clear instructions for the manufacturer to make *sure* they will fit interchangeably into the same mounting holes? Naturally, I don't want to have two sets of holes or one set of over-sized holes. Thoughts? Thanks!