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    Default Got new toys today a Woods BSS 60 Box Scraper and a Woods TSG50 Stump Grinder

    I hope to clear land without disturbing the topsoil ! I want a chipper next ! A mix of pine gum and oak Biggest about 16 inches ! Mostly pine though, Would like to turn them all into compost ! Acres and acres woods that were farmland untill about 30 years ago ! Family sold the pine trees about 15 years ago ! most trees now 15 or so years old !
    I have no experance with the stump grinder but my idea is to cut the trees and grind the stumps flush with the ground so i can keep it bushhoged ! Im quite sure the stumps will rot in less than 5 years If just left alone ! I want to grind the stumps flush keep the weeds out by mowing and go back and grind the stumps down about 6 to 8 inches where i want to farm ! Im not lookin to be done tomorrow but soon as resonably possible ! Seriously I want to get our property farmable asap ! I have a sinking feeling that the economy is a bucket with a hole in it and aint nobody got a plug ! We are making a investment in farming equipment I really feel it could come in handy The way inflation is going machinery will be too expensive ! My grandfather bought and cleared big timber off our place with a new 1950 farmall cub and a pack of kids ! A excavator would really foulup the total purpose of what i am wanting to do ! Top soil here has most likely not been in the state it is now since my grandfather cleared it in about 1950 ! I want to clear the trees ! Chop up and compost the trees ! pull discs row it up and plant corn field peas butterbeans turnip greens eggplants squash snapbeans sweet potatoes carrots bellpeppers tomatoes sunflower seeds you know stuff to feed us and the chickens ! This if I am able I will do ! I`m working at it now ! I really hope I am just crazy ! But with the way things are going where I work ! I am a pipefitter at one of the largest luckyiest most greedyest dangerous moneymakinest dirty lienist can`t stand to pay you money to work here we want your soul rottenist oil refineries in the world ! I`m quite sure i`m going straight to **** for ever have walked through their gate when i was still a chap !everything i see hear and know Even the values of me and my ancestors ! We defintly living in interesting times for sure and it aint even got bad yet !
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    Default Re: Got new toys today a Woods BSS 60 Box Scraper and a Woods TSG50 Stump Grinder

    Congratulations. Best wishes.
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    Default Re: Got new toys today a Woods BSS 60 Box Scraper and a Woods TSG50 Stump Grinder

    Acres and acres you might be looking for someone with an excavator by and by. You'll have fun finding out, though!
    Best luck, Jim
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    Default Re: Got new toys today a Woods BSS 60 Box Scraper and a Woods TSG50 Stump Grinder

    Might want to think about selling those bigger trees for lumber,or firewood. Depending on how many there are, a logger will take them out for you and pay you to boot. Help offset the investment, save you a lot of work. They might even take the bigger branches as firewood, and chip up the rest for you. You can then spend your time on the small stuff they don't want, and getting rid of the stumps.

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