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    Default Anyone own a Woods RD990X 90" 3pt Finish Mower (or comparable)

    I am in the market for a heavy duty and wide as possible 3 point finish mower. I plan to use it with a JD 60 HP tractor with Cat. 2 3-point. Anyone have any comments on the Woods model or any other comparable brands? Thanks.

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    I have a 72" Edge brand finish mower. A 90" would be too wide for my ground as it would gouge in places but if you have smooth/level ground then it would probably work great. My tractor is about 50 pto hp and it doesn't ever break a sweat even in in thick tall grass. Hope this helps some.
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    Default Re: Anyone own a Woods RD990X 90" 3pt Finish Mower (or comparable)

    I have the older version of that mower, an rm90. It appears of similar construction, but instead of a gearbox, mine has a large diameter pulley and a belt that drives the blade spindles. It is just about indestructible. I power mine fine with 35pto hp on most grass. Like wmonroe said, it is a bit wide if you are trying to do ditches and will scalp some on high spots if you don't pay attention. I once mowed about 4 acres of 5' tall grass with it, I broke the eye bolt that tensions the spring for the belt tensioner, but wasn't too upset- overall I thought it handled it well. With 60 hp, you may even try to find a bigger mower, probably 10-12 feet if it is just finish mowing grass. Of course then you are getting in to some pretty pricey flexible cutters.

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    Default Re: Anyone own a Woods RD990X 90" 3pt Finish Mower (or comparable)

    I have a 990 and got it new. I don't think I would trade it for anything other then a 990. Cut is great, doesn't take alot of hp. I had a RM60 before and it took more hp then the 990 does. For a wide mower I have never hit the ground with it, but I don't mow ditches and mow about 4" high. I mow around 20A with it and it's just right. I have pulled it with a JD950, kubota 3010, Kubota B7800, the little b7800 has hp but going up a hill it would pull it side ways. I pull it with a kubota GL4240 now and it does a nice job. One thing that I make sure I pull the blades every year even if they are ok, because the pins that hold them well rust up real bad and makes it real, real hard to get them out.
    The model RD990X that you are asking about, I guessing the X is just the lates Model. Mine does have a letter after the 990, but forgot what it is. My the way get the chain kits front and back. I added 2 links to mine and at 4" they just touch the ground, just don't make them to longer that the blades well hit them.
    By looking at my post you can see I like my 990. You might want to look at there bat wing, the one that's made up using 3 of the 990's I'm sure your JD can pull one.

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