Hi Everyone,

Ive got a Woods BH9000 on my TC45 and its set up running off the power beyond. I really love the hoe but Ive gotten pretty good with it so I am finding it a bit slow plus im sick of throttling the tractor way up to get some reasonable speed. So I want to get a PTO pump setup. I have a few question that Im hoping some with experience can give me some pointers on:
1. If Im going to spend the money, I really want to be able to run the tractor at low RPM. Any opinions/experience as to what GPM pump rate I should look for? My tractor's internal is about 10 GPM, so I was thinking about double that for a PTO pump. I was looking at a woods kit which is #9504 and the guy says that is what the usually spec for the BH9000, but its 9-12 GPM which seems silly as I would be about the same flow as my current setup right? I assume GPM's are at 540 pto speed (or the engine speed that gives you 540 pto speed for an internal pump)?.
2. I was thinking of making my own setup but I couldnt for the life of me find any pumps that go above 2250 and the backhoe runs at 2400 so I dont want to take a hit on digging forces. Does anyone know whose pump the woods kits use and if they give you the full 2400 psi? Where can I find PTO pumps that do at least 2400?
3. What are you guys using and find is good for a 9' hoe? I know it doesnt take much HP to run a backhoe and I really want to throttle it way down - if I only get to drop a few hundred RPM it doesnt seem worth the $700-$800 dollars.

Thanks a bunch for any advice!