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    Default Massey-Ferguson No. 25 tandem disc harrow

    I bought a MF No. 25 tandem disc harrow (to match up with my MF 135 tractor) from a dealer online and need to pick it up later this week. The purchase is "on approval," pending satisfactory inspection when I get there. Can someone tell me how to check the bearings for excessive wear? I gather from googling the MF 25 that worn bearings (and the fact that replacement bearings are hard to find) are the main problem with these discs. Any and all advice appreciated! Please assume that I know next to nothing about discs (in fact this will be my first experience with one; I am taking up tractors late in life and have done all my gardening over the years with a Troy-bilt Horse) and be painstakingly careful and explicit regarding what I need to do to check for play; you're talking to a real babe in the woods (and first-time poster on tractorbynet) here! Also, please advise as to how much play is acceptable, once you've coached my on how to check for it. My inclination is to go on and buy the disc, as it's the perfect match for my tractor and located not terribly far from my farm, but at the same time I don't need a piece of junk. Also, you can assume that it will never see any heavy use. My intent is to use it in the garden primarily.

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    Default Re: Massey-Ferguson No. 25 tandem disc harrow

    I have a Massey Ferguson BO-21 tandem disc (6.5 ft wide) that I pull behind my 1964 MF135 diesel. There are grease zerks to lube the bearings on the disc. Just pack the bearings full of grease and you'll be OK. Like you, I use the disc lightly--6 acre hayfield. I paid $250 about 5 years ago.

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    Default Re: Massey-Ferguson No. 25 tandem disc harrow

    Ken Sweet at Sweet Tractors in Canmer, Kentucky, likely has MF #25 bearings available if you need them. He rebuilds all types of ag equipment for resale and he has recommended the MF #25 disc harrow in posts.

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    Default Re: Massey-Ferguson No. 25 tandem disc harrow

    Grab the disc frame and raise it up and down while you watch each bearing for being loose. A little play is normal when they were new. You do not want to see any cracks or welds. Ken Sweet

    Sweet Farm Equipment LLC (Internet Sales, Shipping All States)
    Shipping Facility
    1815 Defries Rd., Canmer, Ky 42722 Toll Free 1-866-528-3323
    Ken Sweet

    Shipping Example: Can ship 800 lbs from Ky. to Dallas for $165
    The Northeast shipping corridor is a little more expensive.

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