Hey I am in the market for a new 3pt tiller. and been doing some looking around and pricing 60" tillers. There is one tiller brand that keeps coming up everywhere like weeds in the garden around here. R.E.I. is the brand name on them, and the price in my area is anywhere between 1499-1899 for a 60 inch tiller. I spoke with my local new holland dealer who told me they seemed to be well built. But....he has not sold any and that his shop is still putting what he has together so he can put them an the lot, so he cannot say either good or bad? Other local dealers (mainly small ones) say they are great and will almost load you one before you buy it!!!... I have looked at woods and king cutter and several brand colors. Looked at ( kubota Kioti etc.) and they are all made across the pond. I would like this to be a one time purchase for years to come... Just need some info