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    Default Newbie trying to understand PTO and 3 pt hitch

    Newbie question:

    Are PTO standardized? If a tractor has PTO, does it mean all accessories that requires PTO can make use of the tractor's? Or there are size and design difference that one needs to be aware of?

    Same question for 3-pt-hitch.

    Thanks for helping.

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    Default Re: Newbie trying to understand PTO and 3 pt hitch

    Yes, more or less, and Yes.

    99% of the PTO's are 540 RPM, and standardized, with big chunky splines.

    Some tractors will have a 1000 RPM PTO which can be a couple of different sizes, generally with smaller splines.

    I think my Wheel Horse D200 Garden tractor has a 1000 RPM PTO with some kind of an odd female small splined connector, so watch out for some of the garden tractors.

    Also, keep in mind that your PTO must slide back and forth on the shaft which is generally made in 2 parts. These two part shafts are specific to the implement. While the tractor couplings are standardized, these shafts ARE NOT standardized.

    The size of the 3 point hitch is generally dependent on the HP rating of the tractor. A good summary is here: - Three-Point Hitch

    You'll find the Category 1 hitches in the smaller 20 hp range tractors, and the Category 2 hitches in the 50 HP range tractors. The larger hitches are both wider, and have larger pins.

    Some implements such as my rake are configured to take either Category 1 or Category 2 hitches by having inward facing category 1 pins, and outward facing category 2 pins.

    International Harvester came up with a uniquie 2 Point "Fast Hitch" which you may find on some of the older IH tractors.

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    Default Re: Newbie trying to understand PTO and 3 pt hitch

    Also -
    There's a Cat 0.
    Some PTO's, mainly on foreign tractors, turn in the opposite direction
    There are at least 3 major designs on how the shaft hooks up on the PTO
    Top link pins are smaller than side link
    You can buy inexpensive bushings to adapt a smaller pin to a larger ball (example Cat 1 pin to Cat 2 ball)
    Beware of your speed descent adjustment on the three point
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