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    Default Self leveling?

    I'm loving my Branson3520R w/a Westendorf 170 FEL. The only minor complaint I have, is the bucket is not self leveling as I raise the bucket to load my dump truck. I've showered my hood with dirt a couple of times. Does anyone know if there is any after market kits to make the bucket self leveling?

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    Default Re: Self leveling?

    Here is a link to place that sells a hydraulic kit. Miller Loaders: Self-Level Kits Mechanical system needs to be loader specific, so would have to come from Westendorf if they had one.
    Simplest, least expensive way to keep from dumping over the back of the bucket is practice. Learn to move joystick sideways a slight amount as you raise.

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    Default Re: Self leveling?

    Yes there are some companies that make after market self level kits but they have to be "tuned" to each model loader. They function on cylinder sizes and loader geometry. You want to go directly to Westendorf to see if they have an option for your loader. The universal kits may work well enough but I would't count on it working over the full lift range.

    Some are Bi-directional and level during both raising and lowering. Others are uni-directional and only level on raise function.
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