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    Default Re: Considering a box blade

    Glad it is working out well for you, when I don't have a rotary cutter on my tractor I have a box scrapper, very handy tool indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by namyessam View Post
    I gave the box blade a good workout this past weekend. I put 4.8 hours on the tacometer on the 135 Massey. I think I had more like 7 hours in the seat though. I can not believe the excellent job the box blade did. All this was hard packed black dirt. I was able to create a drainage ditch through the yard and around the building. I I used all the dirt from the ditch to level out the building site. Although it seems crazy, I estimate that I moved about 14 cubic yards of dirt. I know I moved a lot of dirt. It doesn't seem possible but based on the fill needed, thats what it figures out to be. The six rippers were level with the bottom of the box, so I took someones advice and shortened the top link and tipped the front of the box down to engage the rippers more. It worked great! Once I got through the sod, I was able to peel off layer by layer and drop the dirt where I needed it. I had no problem with horsepower with the 135 gasser, only a few times when I had the box full, one tire would start to spin in the loose fill, but differential lock kept me moving. Once construction is complete, I will use it to clean up and put the final grade before seeding the new lawn.

    Its worth every dollar I spent.
    Thanks again for everyones advice.
    We always like to so pics! Glad it worked out. A box blade is my next purchase for my tractor, hopefully very soon.
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    Default Re: Considering a box blade

    Two basic designs of scrapers for the three point hitch
    1. The typical "box" design with high sides and a scarifier bar with adjustable shanks and teeth. Good for moving larger quantiries of dirt from place to place over level ground. Learn how to ride on the back (hinged) blade and how to push dirt back so you can be productive in both directions. Hydraulic top link is the ultimate in control here.
    2. Ganon rollover "tumbleweed" scraper. One of the first and choice of professional tractor scraper landscapers for many years. rips in forward direction or carries dirt swiftly level blades, pick up another gear and never lose material from the bowl until you raise it with draft control. One of the very best when used with tractors with draft control that holds grade by adjusting the lever for draft control height. Ganon was first in the industry, Ormco, others followed, only Ganon is still in business.

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    Default Re: Considering a box blade

    I am generally a recreational tractor operator. I have a riding arena that needs grooming every few days and needs leveling, redistributing footing every month or so. I rented a box grader with scarifier to help till and distribute, which was helpful. It cost about $35 for 1/2 day (min) and seems that the weather would not cooperate for very long till I would need to till again. So I thought buying is the ticket. Then I had an idea. I have an arena groomer that does not have the 'teeth' for digging. Would it work to weld (adjustable) scarifier shanks onto my groomer? Any thoughts and where do I find them?

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