Ok, enough of the comic relief! It's a bedshaver. Here's another picture showing the front of it. This one has knives to slit the plastic sheeting.

Another "Guess what this attachment is" thread!-bedshaver-jpg

I took this pic yesterday at a U-pick strawberry farm that I drive by everyday on the way to work. There was frost warning for this morning (and freeze warning for tomorrow morning too) so there were some hispanic workers actually in the process of covering up the whole strawberry patch, which I would guess to be about 6 acres. The strawberry plants are blooming already as you can see, won't be long we will be picking our strawberries!! This is not the best picture of how the raised beds look right after they pull the bedshaver over it, but you get the idea.

Another "Guess what this attachment is" thread!-strawberry-patch-jpg