I've never planted or cultivated with a tractor before, but I'm looking to start. So please excuse me if a lot of this sounds ignorant.

Why would it make sense to mount a planter on a cultivator.
Do you need to cultivate while you are planting?
Regardless, after you are finished planting you would need to remove the planter from the cultivator before you could use the cultivator on that crop again, right?
Just wondering why it doesn't make more sense to have a separate planter and a separate cultivator, or is the combo really saving some time.

Kind of along these same lines, can you use the fertilizer attachment on a planter for sidedressing fertilizer (meaning after you've completed planting at a later date). Or is the attachment just for applying starter fertilizer at planting. If it's just for applying at planting then you need a separate fertilizer applicator for side dressing correct?

All of this has me wondering if it makes the most sense just to get a separate cultivator, planter and fertilizer applicator. Maybe it could make some sense to get a combo cultivator/w/ fertilizer attachment.... thinking that you could
1. run the cultivator with the fertilizer attachment prior to planting. (Maybe a problem with concentrated fertilizer placement in relationship to seed placement- because not done simultaneously)?
2. plant
3. cultivate and fertilize simultaneously again at some point

What systems do you use/make the most sense to you.