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    Default Posthole Digger Advice

    Finally retired, need to start putting up some fence for cattle, but need advice on PHDs. Noticed some list PTO HP range, others don't, I deduce that the size auger the PHD will accommodate is limited by PTO HP? My tractor PTO HP is about 55. Figure I need larger than 12 inch auger to set corner posts as my location ground can get very soft in the rainy season. Any particular features I should look for? Model recommendations are welcome that would suit my needs. Only have 40 acres so don't necessarily need top of the line (i.e., expensive) equipment, but I do prefer US made and good quality. Thanks in advance.

    PS I know I could search, but from my years lurking I know people here love to help and post!
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    Default Re: Posthole Digger Advice

    the best posthole digger i know of is yes your tractor will run it no need 2 augers a 0in for line posts an 12in for corner posts.

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    Default Re: Posthole Digger Advice

    I think you're a tad over sized for auger diameter. We use a 9 inch auger with a 35 hp kubota and have no trouble placing up to an 8 inch post for horse fence. I don't know much about high tensile fencing, you may need bigger posts for that. Our posts don't exactly float out in the wet weather, but I swear sometimes it must be close.

    One good thing about having a larger auger diameter is when the hole doesn't go exactly where you want it, you have some room to cheat one way or the other.

    Another factor is the less disturbed dirt you have around the post the better, Ideally the post will just barely drop in the hole. We use a cut off curved spruce tree limb as a tamper, and tamp the replaced dirt about every six inches as we fill the holes. I decided to use the tree limb because it was available at the time, now we've kept it for three years for just that purpose. The curve lets you get the butt end down around the post and tamp without barking your knuckles.

    A PHD doesn't use a lot of power, I've stalled the Kubota a couple of times before the shear bolt broke, but that's the exception to the rule.

    Ours is a Kubota BH-90A, no longer available but very solidly built. Danuser makes a good PHD, as does BH, Woods, and Land Pride. Be wary of the ones that look like the auger is light duty, they usually are. Land Pride makes about 3 different levels of auger duty rating, and so does Woods.

    A few different factors to ponder over. Hydraulic down pressure would be really nice in the dry season, some PHD makers sell kits for just that purpose.


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    Default Re: Posthole Digger Advice

    Your tractor is plenty big for about any diameter auger. Check out our Everything Attachments post hole diggers which are made right here in NC. The quality is extremely high and the price is considerably less than many phds on the market because we have no dealers, dealer reps or distributors. We offer several different models that ship free to your home within 1,000 miles of Newton, NC. If your tractor has a Category 2 hitch, our model 7500 digger ships free to a business or supporting freight terminal within 1,000 miles.
    Ted Corriher

    A family-owned American Company that also sells quality Made in USA Implements every chance we get! We pride ourselves on giving good product information and putting the needs of our customers above our own!

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    Default Re: Posthole Digger Advice

    I use a 12" auger for setting Rail Road Ties for corners and H braces, I will also use it for Mesquite line posts that I cut if they are not very staight. The 12" hole is forgiving to make a crooked post look straight-if that makes sense.
    Augers I use are 12" and 9"
    I was looking at EA's diggers and found a deal on a used one locally and got it.

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