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    Default sizing pto shaft

    I have a tg-48-xb tiller king kutter putting it on kubota 2660 trying to size shaft when in longest position I ownly have 9 inches between each ujoint sheild if I cut 3 inches off each end I wont have a 6 inch overlap any suggestions?

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    Below is link to a good video on how to measure and cut a PTO shaft. Keep in mind that the measurements Ted takes on the tractor and tiller are not used when he demonstrates how to do the actual cutting of what is a different PTO shaft. That part was a bit confusing to me when I first saw the video. If I remember correctly, his measurements required 3 " to be cut off of each end of the tractor/tiller shaft, but the cutting demo showed him cutting only 2". Watch the video several times if necessary so that you understand the relationship between the measurements and the length of PTO shaft needed. I just did my first one, and once I figured that part out, it made perfect sense.
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    Default Re: sizing pto shaft

    A quick hitch will move the attachment back about 4-1/2", allowing (necessitating) you to use a longer shaft. Also makes changing attachments quicker and easier.

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    Default Re: sizing pto shaft

    Thanks for the link, Paulemar; it's what I needed. Also, I now realize that the video comes from the same place I bought my tiller.

    Last year at this time, my kubota L3940 and the Sicma (Phoenix) tiller were both new and I was working under the gun to get garden and field plots tilled and planted. The Eurocardan shaft was about 1/4" away from being fully compressed at its shortest working length. I snaked by, by extending both quick-hitch arms, (which bought me an extra 2+ inches of length), and then blocked their retreat with a big nut/bolt through each. It was risky, and I don't recommend doing this, but luckily, I didn't damage anything - and it got me by. This year, I'm not going to push my luck, so I'll be cutting the shaft down to the correct length.

    After watching the 'how to' vid, the most valuable info (for me) was how to take the two required measurements: one is from the END of the tractor's PTO shaft to the (estimated) center of the lower 3-pt. arm hookup pins; the other is from the CENTER of the lock pin/capture bolt GROOVE in the attachment's shaft out to the (estimated) center of the hookup pins. (These measurements can be taken without the tiller being on.) Then add the two measurements together, and cut the PTO shaft down at least 2 inches LESS than that total. The telescoping driveshaft needs to separated, and both halves need to be cut, removing the same amount from each side.
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