I've got a two-row JD Flexplanter that I picked up to plant some corn and watermelons with, and for those two it works like a champ in sandy land in Central Texas. But when I changed the sprockets (9 point on the drive/cover wheel and 22 point on the plate drive) and put my 72-cell sorghum plates in to plant sorghum cane seed (to make sorghum molasses), that's when I had a major malfunction. Instead of planting the seeds one at a time 4" apart, it started just sewing it rather than planting; the seed dropped more in the amount of my grain drill rather than a planter. I took the planter boxes off the units and I've apparently got two different bottoms on the planter boxes (see accompanying pictures) but the same size plates. If anyone can tell me whether or not I'm actually missing a part, the good thing is that we've got a farm equipment junk yard covering several acres not far from me and if I know what I'm looking for, or if you can describe the part or parts I need, there is a good chance I can find it/them there. Any ideas, thoughts, ideas, or criticism would be most appreciated as the John Deere dealers around here don't have anybody working around them old enough to understand what's going on with.

John Deere 71 Flexplanter Plate Issue-photo-11-jpgJohn Deere 71 Flexplanter Plate Issue-photo-12-jpg