I am struggling with this decision as well. We recently bought a 40-acre woodlot, 6-7 acres of which we my wife wants maintained as her "private park". I have a neighbor's son who will bring his old 10" capacity tow-behind over and chip for $500 per day and can cover about 1/2 - 3/4 of an acre per day if I let him tow it around through the woods with my L3800 so he can chip in-place. He even rips down the larger stuff if it is too punky to use as firewood to feed it through. I think we have decided this is the way to go for the initial clean-up as the property was neglected by the previous owners and there is too much stuff around to try and feed it all through a 4-6" model.

My conundrum however is what to do when he is finished as I will need to do something for maintenance. I could pile everything up into a few piles ever spring and have him come in for a day or so but like many here, I WANT a chipper! A Wallenstein to be more specific. My L3800 sends 30HP through the PTO which is about perfect for a BX-42 but everyone here says the BX-62 is the way to go. The price difference is $800 and I'm having a difficult time justifying that. Is it really worth it to not have to cut off branches?