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    Default Agric Tiller

    Has anyone had any experience with an "Agric" tiller. They are made in Spain (Not China). The price is right but I have not heard of the company before now and don't want to make a mistake on the quality. It will be used for light tilling of a veggie garden. Any advise is much appreciated.

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    I have an Agric AL 50. I got it from a friend who had it "stored" in the weeds for some years. I greased it, changed the fluid in the gearbox and chain box and put it to work. It does OK but is not as robust as my King Kutter.
    If I had to choose one it would be the King Kutter.

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    Default Re: Agric Tiller

    I also have an Agric tiller model AJFM 55. I bought it used 8 years ago and use it to till 3 to 3-1/2 acres three to 4 passes every year. It's been a great tiller and it has taken a beating considering all the rocks I have.

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    Default Re: Agric Tiller

    I have a Italian Agri 40" tiller for a couple years now, got it new from my kubota dealer. I suspect it is same as you (OP) are talking about . No problems so far, but what I don't like about it is it is pain in neck to move around and connect to three point hitch, and it does not have a "stand " so it flops to ground (I tried making a stand but failed). It also does not seem to have a inspection port for oil level in the chain case, or even to view the chain tightness, there is a poorly made owners manual but they do not expand on the chain maintenance oiling tightening etc. Any suggestions from other owners about this quirk would be appreciated. So far it has ran three summers and done roughly a total of two acres of must need maintenance by now.
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