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    Default Re: Tiller Storage & Mounting

    Quote Originally Posted by Baby Grand View Post
    I've been doing the same with a pair of cinderblocks. Allows me to turn the spool so I can rotate the PTO shaft into alignment with the tractor's spline and slide it on without "language".
    I slip my tractor into mid PTO only, which disconnects the rear PTO. Than the PTO spins freely and makes the job of connecting the PTO way easier.
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    Default Re: Tiller Storage & Mounting

    Quote Originally Posted by oldballs View Post
    This my first experience with a PTO tiller. I find it an unwieldy piece of equipment to manage. My questions are:

    1. It came with the skid shoes on a low setting such that it sets on its row of tines. It seems to me that it should be setting on its skid shoes when stored, viz. with the tines not carrying any weight.

    2. It seems like it could flop over backwards even with the stand down, if some kids were fooling around on it....kinda like parking a marble.

    3. Do you move it from the storage area to a mounting area when you are ready to use it? So far I've moved it around with the Boom Pole to get aquainted with it and check it out. That's how I got it off my truck.

    4. Since it is a chain drive, a lot of the weight is on one side such that it hangs all cockeyed when lifted by it center mount. And this thing is darned heavy (Land Pride RTA 1250). I'm over 80, 150 lbs and live by myself...with a sore knee to boot....BOO HOO.
    I've had land pride tillers for several years. First was an RTR1050 and now a RTR1558. I've found the safest way to store them is to set the shoes at the deepest setting for tilling and then set it on some short 4x4's with the kick-stand set so the tiller is level when parked. It will be solid as a rock this way, kids can't "accidently" knock it over, and the tines are not on the ground.

    I keep my RTR 1558 parked where the tractor can easly get to it for installing and removing. It's too dang heavy for me to be pushing around. I think if I made a parking stand with wheels for it, that would raise it up too high making the geomitry off enough that it would take some extra fiddeling to install/remove from the quick hitch.

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    Default Re: Tiller Storage & Mounting

    Here's the dolly I built for mine.

    Tiller Storage & Mounting-tiller-jpg

    The side rails are set to catch the skid shoes and hold the tiller just high enough to clear the ground. Mine has a jack stand as you can see, but I find it's pretty stable in the dolly without using it.


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    Default Re: Tiller Storage & Mounting

    Yesterday I tried every way to jack up the tiller to finish my inspection, servicing and adjusting the slip clutch springs. With a farm jack and a chain strategically located I finally got it up on each end to place some 4 x 6 blocks under each end. But even that was frustrating due to the shape etc. of it.

    Thanks for your replies. It looks like I'll be using a combination of your ideas. And from here on, it seems like the best way to move or service the tiller is to use the three point to lift/move it. Storage will be on the wood blocks plus a bucket thingy plus tarp. I'm running out of time/determination/money to build a decent place to store all the tractor stuff under cover, but a flat place with gravel has worked pretty good so far. Now.......after months and months of drought, it won't stop snowing/raining long enough to till anyway.
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    Default Re: Tiller Storage & Mounting

    I too have a kickstand and the tines sets on the ground. I made a c "wrap around" wood platform for the skids to sit on so tines of off the ground so the metal is not in contact with dirt all the time away from moisture.

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    Default Re: Tiller Storage & Mounting

    We worked on the property of a fellow a few years ago that stored his heavier implements such as the tiller on car tow dollies. He was in his mid 60's and average shape. He could pick up the tongue of the dollie, and wheel it right up behind the tractor to mount whatever, instead of the other way around. Pretty slick. But..., he had a new all concrete floor in his huge old barn. Brand new McCormick, I'm guessing 60-65 hp tractor, and more than several new attachments.

    And..., he had just sold his business the summer before for several million dollars, and I'm guessing he needed some writeoffs...

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