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    What is the popular opinion on excavating a yard? I need to dig up about 4-5 inches of sod and dirt for a pole barn and driveway. I have a FEL and grading scraper with scarifiers. Will this do the job or is there a better attachment out there such as a tiller? Thanks

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    Lacking anything with scarifiers I used my tiller set to two inches on hard ground. Actually I got it down to lowering the FEL and scooping up the loose dirt while at the same time engaging the tiller on the same pass. I changed the slope of the bank along a creek this way. Probably moved 12 yards of dirt in a few hours.
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    Do you have loamy top soil? The reason for removing the sod is that it's full of organic material and over time it will decay and settle on you. The goal is to get down to a solid base, like clay soil, where there wont be any settling. What I see people do wrong is they did out material that is perfectly fine if left there and then pay for material to fill the hole the dug.

    As for digging, you should be fine with what you have. Just tear it up real good and take your time.


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