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    Default V belts and flail mowers

    AS mowing season is just around the corner for most of us I thought I would
    upload these images for everyone to use.

    NOT name dropping here:

    The Gates V belt tensioner is easy to use and is available from
    rockauto for 22 and change plus shipping(an example internet retailer)

    When you tension new or old belts on the Caroni flail mowers be mindfull of the snubber pulley WHERE:

    When the belt is tensioned the flat portion of the belt it should not have anymore tension than 1/64" PER INCH OF SPAN BETWEEN THE UPPER PULLEY AND THE LOWER PULLEY.

    SO if the span is 8 inches between the center lines of BOTH PULLEYS the V belt will have no more deflection than 8/64" of an inch or 1/8 of an inch (as an example).

    The screw adjustment for the V belt drive eliminates a moveable tension pulley but the issue of proper belt tension remains.

    I hope the Caroni folks change over to a spring tensioned flat snubber pulley and will also offer a retrofit kit for the mowers already in service.

    If they had a sticker glued to the inside portion of the belt guard illustrating the proper tension distance behind the V belt that would be an excellent addition.

    The folks with flat spring tensioning snubber pulleys only have to worry about the belts
    condition-please see the explanation below.

    If your B section belts are flaking rubber dust off in your hands
    and you see cracks in the base of the V belt it is time to toss them in the
    trash or recycle them.

    Happy Mowing and do not hesitate to eliminate ant hills and puff balls while mowing,
    AND plase for your own safety carry wasp and hornet killer at all times in the
    tool box and also in the cup holder.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails V belts and flail mowers-v-belt-tensioner-image-1-a   V belts and flail mowers-v-belt-tension-guage2-2551773-a   V belts and flail mowers-v-belt-tension-guage-3-a  
    Attached Images Attached Images V belts and flail mowers-gates-v-belt-tension-guage 

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