I recently obtained a JD 48 hoe with a sub frame (#LVB25179) for my JD5205, but it has the rear hanger (#LVA11334) for a welded draw bar support and I have the cast draw bar support, guess I needed (#LVB25747). That being said I done my research and found that JD wants just shy of $1400 list for the part (#LVA13818), yet I can buy a new whole goods sub frame for less, figure that one out. This hanger is the same for all 47 48 and 49 hoe sub frames even though the 49 sub frame is slightly different (the hanger bracket is the same for "cast" setups).

My other option is to change to the older welded draw bar support (#RE73039 listed for the 5205, but I'm sure #RE178644 is the same) which is the cheaper option (only slightly) as it appears to be the same bolt on pattern as the cast multi piece setup,....can anyone confirm this???

If any one has either part (#LVA13818 rear hanger for cast draw bar support) or (#RE73039/#RE178644 welded draw bar support) or even an entire whole goods sub frame (#LVB25747) please contact me.

Any insight would be helpful.