i have found a Danuser 18P chipper for about $2k, but can find very little info about it.
seems to be set up for a cat-0 3pt and has the shortest PTO shaft i have seen, barely 2ft colapsed.
I would need to modify it for my quickhitch, both the top and the width, and buy a new PTO shaft. Knives look in good shape, and it has a substantial flywheel, but seems to be a "4inch" capacity with mechanical autofeed.
Does it make sense to spend $2000 on this unit and then start fixing, modifying, upgrading, or spend about the same money on a newer unit that has better safety features, easier to change knives, etc. I am thinking the WoodMaxx with power feed, or the wallenstein, but the Wally would be without power feed.
Any informed suggestions??
Any repair and replacement parts for the DANUSER??