Rebuild Covington/Pittsburgh Cultivator/Planter-covington-planter-2013-03-26-aRebuild Covington/Pittsburgh Cultivator/Planter-photo-1-jpgRebuild Covington/Pittsburgh Cultivator/Planter-p3270769-jpg

I am in the process of rebuilding some older 3pt equipment for single row gardening. I started out with a spring tine one row cultivator for plowing rows that I had planted with a push planter. I have since been able to add to my equipment by picking up an older Covington single row planter on a two row stiff shank cultivator and another two row stiff shank cultivator. I believe the cultivator frames are a Pittsburgh brand. I do not have the "ideal" tractor for gardening as I am using my JD 5303 for this. The benefit I see is that I can easily swap tractors if for some reason I have an issue or have the tractor in another location and use basically any full size tractor versus going to a smaller dedicated gardening tractor. I have sought out the two row stiff shank cultivators to be able adequately cover my tracks on this size tractor. I prefer to stay with a single row planting set up for simplicity, cost and not having to spread a tractor for cultivating or again have a dedicated tractor for this task.

At this time my plan is:
1) rebuild Covington single row planter and move to spring tine cultivator for planting
2) refinish one of the two row stiff shank cultivators for plowing
3) refinish the other two row stiff shank cultivator and add a side dresser to it for adding fertilizer after planting and laying by

While plowing last week I encountered an old barn corner post in the garden spot I have been plowing for years. End result was I broke one of the clamps holding the plow foot. I was able to rob parts to finish, but am having some issues finding parts without paying PREMIUM prices.

Attached are pictures of the planter purchased, the cultivator purchased and a co-workers set up that is my goal. You can see the clamps I am looking for. Anyone been down this road and know of a good source for these type parts that are reasonably priced? If not, I am going to have to seek out some used frames and rob pieces or I will have as much/more in the rebuild as I would have in a new unit.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.