Just located and bought back Dad's 1958 JD Model 555H drawn plough. Factory built with the spring reset bottoms/standards in case of stones or tree roots.
I asked somewhere else about the clevis and most of the replys talked about the obsolete dingaling pop apart drawbar which unhooks the entire plough on rock strikes. Which the 555H does NOT have. The 555H has modern bottoms that will trip and rotate to clear obstructions. Just backup with the plough lowered and the individual moldboard bottom rotates and locks back into position.
While yes, if the plough is properly hitched. It should trail straight behind the tractor on level ground and work properly even if the drawbar was replaced with a chain. On side hills however the clevis allows the plough to swing farther down hill than a "solid" wagon type hitch would.
We also have the 70D standard that Dad had also bought new and used on the 555H. We located and restored the 70D a few years ago. The 70D has the Complete "DA 898 A" Landing Lever for side hills. Takes an extra notch or two of extra swing to compensate for the clevis on side hills.