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    Default Long 1199b 3 point hitch backhoe question

    Anybody have any idea what horsepower this hoe is rated for. Found a good deal on one but not sure if my mahindra 3510 will handle it. Thanks

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    Default Re: Long 1199b 3 point hitch backhoe question

    I just bought a Mahindra 509 for my 3510. It weighs 1500# without the subframe. Your 3510 should carry the unit. Just looking at it, I would guess at least 20 HP+ to power it. A FEL and loaded tires will make it more stable.

    All the research I did before purchasing suggested to use a frame mount to prevent tractor damage, which due to my needs was a must. My needs require a stable mount for serious digging and excavating plans.

    Your needs and amount of money to spend will dictate whether to use a 3PT mount vs a rigid Subframe mount

    Sometimes a good deal turns into a expensive deal that's not so good.

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    Default Re: Long 1199b 3 point hitch backhoe question

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    Default Re: Long 1199b 3 point hitch backhoe question

    It's for a Cat. 2 - three point hitch. They are very strong, I've ripped out the top link of a Nortrac dozer (6000 #).

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