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    Default 4 n 1 question

    I think I know the answer to this already, but I am going to try here anyway. I have a kubota 2710 with a 402 FEL. I have the need for a 4 n 1 bucket now and I was wondering if there is any way to change this FEL to be able to use a 4 n 1 bucket? I don't think it is possible but I have read some of the innovations here so maybe it has been done before. Any ideas appreciated.

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    Default Re: 4 n 1 question

    I believe I am correct on this from reading many posts in this forum. You will need to change out your loader valve to the "four position bucket valve" which is an option from kubota. If you do not have it, that is. This gives an "extra" non-regenerative dump position that is necessary for proper operaton of the 4 n 1 cylinders...or any other hydraulic devices that you would operate from the fel valve. The 4 positions are curl, center, dump (full flow), and regen dump.
    I will have my 4-in-1 on a 2910 in a day or two and will be able to confirm. The 4 position fel valve was about a $30 premium over the 3 position valve that is standard on most loaders.


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    Default 4 n 1 buckets (ship direct)

    4n1 multipurpose buckets.. on LA 401 and LA 402 loaders (B2710s and B2910s) as well as B20s and B21s, L3010s and up.

    We have had excellent reports for over three years from the purchasers.
    Delivered prices range from $1300 to $1950 depending attachments and services provided before shipping.
    They are a ship-direct item with us and may be shipped in two forms.
    1."materials kit form"
    2. having been pre-installed and tested .. then removed as "completed kit with hoses - fittings etc. to aid and lessen time and cost for your installment issues. "

    The easy on/off toothbars and slip over cutting edges, welded-on chain hooks may be added as well.

    The 4n1 bucket weighs approx. 125 lb more, so you'll need a little extra counterweight on the rear of your tractor for best and safe performance.

    Information and photos are at the links listed below.
    Thanks and best wishes,

    4 n 1 buckets in action
    Slip over cutting edge


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