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    Default JD 4320 bucket loader delay

    Hello to All, I have a 2006 Deere 4320, 48HP Tractor with a 400CX loader on it. Bought it new, has 1204 hours on it now. Since day 1, the bucket has had a delay with the hydraulics. Lets say you have a bucket load of whatever and go to dump it. When you move the lever to dump, all the way to the right, the bucket would start to dump and then stop. Still holding the lever to the right, the delay can be part of a second or it may be up to three seconds. When you are waiting for the the load to dump, a three second delay is a long time. The same thing happens when you are trying to back drag to level out something. You take your bucket, reach over the pile you want to level out, position the bucket to your desired position and start to back drag. The bucket will not hold the position you just put it in. It will simply flop to the flat position. Once the pressure builds then it will hold where you place it. Had it back to dealer on several occasions when it was new. Oh, we can't seem to duplicate your problem, everything seems fine. I then show them what it is doing, oh that, that is normal. Bull!!!! I have a friend of mine who has practically the same tractor only older, does the exact same thing. Anyone out there have this problem, if so is there a fix? It is one of those things that just pisses me off. You pay good money and the dealer says, that is normal. I don't like the color orange one bit, but I have to say their hydraulics are much better than Deere's. Any suggestions? Maybe it is time to but orange.

    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: JD 4320 bucket loader delay

    What you are describing sounds like a side effect of the "regenerative" or "fast dump" feature of the valve since you wrote it does this when moving the joystick full right.

    Here is a old post that describes it pretty well:

    Also, there is a lot of reading if you do a search for the term "regen".

    On some machines (like my 4110) there is a mechanical lockout that keeps the joystick from moving so far to the right and entering into the regen part of the valve. So, in short, try to not move the joystick "full right" and see if that helps.

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