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    Default Fence Post Pounders

    Looking at doing some serious fencing on 50+ acres. Was looking at the various fence post pounders (clay soil) and wondering what people think about their brand, and if the pounder is mounted to the front of the tractor or to the 3 point hitch? I have a Mahindra 5500 and relatively flat land. Fence is for horses, will be driving mixed size wood posts and metal posts. Thanks

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    Default Re: Fence Post Pounders

    Metal and wood pounders would be different.

    There is another tread about metal post pounding, although I'm still partial to hand pounders.
    Powered T post driver

    Wooden posts may be best to pound with a 3 pt attachment, although my Dad did try filling the bucket with rocks and pounding them down with the bucket (not always straight when he finished).

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    Default Re: Fence Post Pounders

    I don't know anything about the various brands but with that much fencing to do you're going about it the right way. I had 12 acres done around my house in 2006 and what would have taken me a few months to get done two guys did in about a week.

    I had some uneven places where I wouldn't drive my tractor at all and the guy on the tractor just puttered along and put a post anywhere he wanted. It did take two people, something you might want to be aware of.

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    We use a currently use a 3pt Shaver HD10 with manual hand crank (vs hydraulic) adjustment.

    It has driven countless miles of fence posts on everything from flat creek bottoms to steep rocky hillsides. It has no problem sinking 8" gate posts and 4-5" posts can take as few as 5 or 6 good licks to drive to the correct height. As stated it is usually at least a two man job but can be done by yourself, it just takes some practice, patience and about 3x longer.

    Fence Post Pounders-tractor13-jpg

    Fence Post Pounders-img_1248-jpg

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