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    Default Need some advice on tractor air brakes


    I've recently purchased a chinese made 160hp tractor, and was hoping to connect to a log trailer in future. However, the manufacturer told me that the 160 hp was large model, and did not not come with additional air brake option. But any other smaller models below 160 hp could come equipped with air brake systems, just not the 160hp model or higher. I was bit dismayed, since not having an air brake option would probably mean we might not be able to attach a log trailer to it. Or could we? This is a first tractor we're buying, so it still learning curve for us. Why do smaller tractors come with air brake option, and bigger ones don't? Does this apply also to western models such as john deere, new holland etc? And what should I do in my case now that we find out that the manufacturer is unable to fit a air brake system? (actually they said they could, but that air brake would only be half as good, due to insufficient tractor space?!) We do plan to add a log trailer later on, but this might prove to be a problem. If there are separate air brake kits out there, do they need to be fitted both on tractor and trailer, or can it be entirely fitted onto trailer only?

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    Default Re: Need some advice on tractor air brakes

    You are getting into an area the agricultural tractors users in the US rarely ever venture into. The UK has just started looking at the Air Brake option for agricultural tractors. I also think Germany has a trailer air brake option for agricultural tractors. Here is a link explaining some of the reason behind the use of air brakes on trailers. Hydraulic-to-air relay modulation valves are one choice for trailer braking | Other Technologies content from Hydraulics & Pneumatics

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    How big of log trailer? Here in the us, trailer axles are available with electric brakes up to about 15k lbs/axle.

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