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    Default Box Blades- 60 inch- 4 or 5 Scarifier Shanks

    Good Morning,

    Yahoo- This Morning I will be picking up by almost new 2012 kubota B3200 HSD Tractor w/FEL & 60 inch Mower deck. The tractor only has 28 hrs of use and is in mint condition. On my way home I would like to stop and pick up a 60 inch box blade.

    I will be using the box blade for grading my driveway, landscaping and plowing snow. I was planning on purchasing a Land Pride BB1560 box blade which has a weight listed of 438 lbs. This box blade had (4) Scarifier Shanks. I never though anything of it until I stopped after work last night at TSC. They also sell a County Line 60 inch box blade that has (5) Scarifier Shanks and has a weight of 440 lbs.

    What is the advantage or disadvantage of using a (5) shank Vs (4) shank box blade. I would think having (5) shanks would be better than (4). I would appreciate is someone could shed some light on this.



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    Default Re: Box Blades- 60 inch- 4 or 5 Scarifier Shanks

    Congrats on the new tractor! Four or five scarifiers won't make too much of a difference, you will probably find yourself going over an area a few times anyways. What is important is the Land Pride comes in kubota Orange to match the tractor! How much different is the price and could you stand looking back and seeing Tractor Supply yellow versus Kubota orange!

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    Default Re: Box Blades- 60 inch- 4 or 5 Scarifier Shanks

    Check out the box blade thread in my signature line. You can see how poor the King Kutter standard grade box blades are. I bought a broke one and made it better. If I was buying new I would have been shopping for something else.

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    Default Re: Box Blades- 60 inch- 4 or 5 Scarifier Shanks

    I have a King Kutter and it work fantastic for driveways. I run 72" behind a 4310(32 hp). I would suggest a hydraulic top link for the box blade.

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    Default Re: Box Blades- 60 inch- 4 or 5 Scarifier Shanks

    +1 on the hydraulic top link. A Top & Tilt would even be better.

    As far as the 4 or 5 scarifiers question, if 4 scarifiers cause "X" resistance then 5 will cause "X + 25%X" resistance. Your tractor will work harder and might even come to a halt in certain ground conditions.

    In the real world it may not make a noticeable difference. Just make a few more passes over the area being worked.
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    Default Re: Box Blades- 60 inch- 4 or 5 Scarifier Shanks

    Provided you have the power, more is better. In those instances when you don't need all 5, you can pin one or more of them up - or remove them completely. If you buy the 4 position unit, you'll never know if you could have used a fifth one some day. I have six on mine, raising and lowering individual scarifiers to conform to the situation at hand. Color doesn't mean a thing to me, especially in a ground engagement implement. When used to design capacity, the paint is soon ground down to bare metal anyway.

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